Iron Kettle Bed & Breakfast: Comber

Iron Kettle Bed & Breakfast: Comber

Iron kettle bed & breakfast


A short but suitable word to describe this county gem.  Owned and operated by Benjamin LeBlanc Beaudoin and Ginette Beaudoin, this historic home is one of the cutest B&B’s that you will find in the area.  Learn their background, how they came to be owners of a bed and breakfast and see why The Iron Kettle continues to build up an impressive amount of tourism awards from across the province and country.

Take a look at the video and do yourself a favour, book a night with them or attend one of the many events they host.
Facebook:  Iron Kettle 
7005 Essex County Rd 46, Comber, ON N0P 1J0


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Michael Plante

Sales Representative

Royal LePage Binder Real Estate

What is Authentically Local?

What is Authentically Local?

So what is Authentically Local?

My name is Mike Plante, and I am a realtor with Royal LePage Binder Real Estate in the Windsor and Essex region.  I wear many hats.  I am a proud husband, father, traveller, business man, lover of food and family.  Upon building this website I wanted a section where I could share with and educate people.  The concept for this VLOG/BLOG was born through helping my clients in their real estate needs.  The more homes that I began to show and the more I studied and researched local areas, the more I realized that I, like many of my clients, didn’t just want to know about bricks and mortor, we wanted to know more about what neighbourhoods and areas had to offer.

You see buying the home was only a small part of the process.  The number of bedrooms, bathrooms, age of a roof or furnance was really just the start.  The process of buying or selling your home is truly a very short period, a stressful one at times, but a short time none the less.  It became aparent that knowing more about where you would be living, what is available to you and what wonderful businesses, people and places may be right at your finger tips.  Owning a home is more than just a purchase or a mortgage payment, it is where each and everyday you rest you head at night, you hang out with friends and family, venture off on walks and spend a good deal of your daily life.

One of the great joys I will have through this exciting, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say, nervous new adventure is being able to share with people, palces and history that may be right outside of your door.  It’s meant to educate and help build a better understanding and sense of community. The term Authentically Local was a term that came out of a conversation that I had one day with someone from outside of the region.  When I was trying to describe what the Windsor and Essex County region was like and had to offer, it really dawned on me how authentica it truly is.  It is unique in many different ways.  I have had the fortune of living and travelling abroad for several year, along the way developing a better understanding of what makes home…home.

My goal is to help share with you the many different ways in which this area truly is an Authentically Local place to live.  I hope that you will enjoy and follow along with me in this new journey!  Have any suggestions as to someone or place that is doing incredible things…visit the Facebook page or drop me a line.  I’d be only too happy to hear from you.

All the best,



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